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Severe Problems with the SSD SanDisk Ultra II 240 GB

Yesterday, my SanDisk Ultra II 240 GB solid state drive - which hosts my Arch Linux system partition - showed a lot of ata errors (in the kernel message output dmesg). Rebooting was not possible, the system startup halted - again showing some ata failures. Very annoying!!! I was very...

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Data Recovery on Linux using TestDisk

Recover Files using TestDisk

Mount the partition with the lost files read only:

sudo mount -o remount,ro /dev/sdX

Install the requirements, the TestDisk suite:

sudo apt-get install testdisk

Start analysing:

sudo testdisk /dev/sdX
  1. Select your disk and enter Proceed.
  2. TeskDisk tries to find the correct partition type. If you are sure, the...

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Recover Deleted Files on an ext3 File System


  • unrm
  • ext3grep
  • foremost



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