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HDD Spindown on Arch Linux

From hdparm's man page on the CLI parameter -S:

Put the drive into idle (low-power) mode, and also set the standby (spindown) timeout for the drive. This timeout value is used by the drive to determine how long to wait (with no disk activity) before turning off the spindle motor to...

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Adjust Spindown Time for HDDs on Mac OS X

If you want to adjust the spindown time of the hard disk drives of your Mac OS X based computer, you can simply run the following command (which will set the spindown from the default 10 minutes to 30 minutes for all HDDs on your system):

pmset -a spindown...

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Suspend Using Console

see also:

$ sudo /etc/acpi/ force


$ sudo echo mem > /sys/power/state

or as gdm does it (see /etc/gdm/gdm.conf → constant SuspendCommand):

$ sudo /usr/sbin/pm-suspend

you can run this script and therefore suspend remotely with ssh option -t to prevent echo on the terminal:


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