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Using ffmpeg to cut and crop a movie file

Here are the commands to issue in order to crop and/or cut a movie file with ffmpeg:

# cutting:
ffmpeg -i [input_file] -qscale 0 -ss [start_seconds] -t [duration_seconds] [output_file]
# so for example:
ffmpeg -i BSX234.avi -qscale 0 -ss <span...

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Creating a Video from JPEGs and vice versa

Creating a video from JPEGs

I wrote a Bash script for this purpose:

It first renames the images from something like IMG_9999.JPG, IMG_10000, ... to IMG_00001.JPG, IMG_00002.JPG. Then it reduces the image resolution down to FullHD (1920x1080). The last and most important step: Create a video from the images.

Alternative Approaches

With avconv from...

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