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hub teaches git about GitHub

Hub is a useful extension to make git GitHub aware.

catch lines:

hub introduces git to GitHub
hub teaches git about GitHub


brew install hub


See hub's webpage for introductory examples and its man page for further reference.


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Install Gitosis on Debian Squeeze

You can use gitosis to allow people to collaborate on a project via git. Its a utility to allow read and write access based on SSH encryption keys. And you only need to create a single system account, not one for every contributor.

First, install gitosis:

apt-get install gitosis


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Redmine on Debian Squeeze

Redmine as Debian package:

  • The core package is redmine. Three packages (redmine-*) provide correct dependencies for mysql, pgsql, sqlite.
  • Several configurations are given as working examples in /usr/share/doc/redmine/examples.
  • Explanations of how the configuration is dealt with are given in /usr/share/doc/redmine/README.Debian.gz.
  • There is no per-instance support for plugins, but those dropped to /usr/share/redmine/vendor/plugins.

Manual and Up-To-Date...

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cgit - A Web Frontend For git Written In C

Not available as Debian package yet as the search for cgit in the Debian packages reveals. The RFP can be found here.



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Create a git repo from .tar.gz files with versions as commits

Say you have a bunch of .tar.gz files, each representing a certain version of a program source code. If you want to compare their contents and see what changed, git would help a lot.

So I wrote a script that would do the work for me and create a repository for...

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Install a Git Plugin for VIM: git-vim

To install git-vim run:

cd ~/Downloads
git clone
cd git-vim
# by default, the Makefile is set up for Mac OS. If you use a different OS change it using:
cat Makefile | sed "s|#INSTALL=install|INSTALL=install|g" | grep -v ginstall > Makefile
# then install the plugin:
make install

This will copy the following files to...

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