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Playing HD movies: mplayer

jutter free playback wanted as well as the capability to load subtitles and additional sound tracks (languages)

some fragments:

mplayer movie.avi -audiofile italian.ac3 -audio-demuxer 20 -rawaudio format=0x2000

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DViCO TViX M-5100-SH


The Specifications of the DViCO TViX M-5100-SH


Official firmware:

Changed firmware: OpenTViX Forum Post or get it here: OpenTViX Downloads - TViX HD M-4100 and M-5100. This is basically the official tvix_M-x100_1.4.52.fwp with telnetd, sshd, httpd, ntpclient in addition. It will autosync time to GMT+1 (and...

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