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Agilent U1273A Multimeter – using the IR-USB Adapter with Linux

Product Information

The Agilent U1273A is a handheld digital multimeter (DMM) with OLED Display. It has the following capabilities and specifications:

  • Voltage Measuring Range DC: 30mV to 1kV
  • Voltage Measuring Range AC: 30mV to 1kV
  • Current Measuring Range DC: 300µA to 10A
  • Current Measuring Range AC: 300µA to 10A
  • Resistance Measuring Range: 30ohm to 300Mohm
  • Frequency Measuring...

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Rigol DG1022 Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator

The DG1022 is a function generator that I was able to test recently. It is quite cheap (390 USD in the USA), has two outputs for standard wave forms (sine, square, ramp, pulse and noise) and also supports...

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StellarNet EPP2000 Spectrometer

The Windows Software for the spectrometer is called "SpectraWiz".

I'm reluctant to continue working on any Python code as this spectrometer is discontinued.



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Newport Power Meter 2935T-C - Serial Connection via Python

First start of a Python module that makes use of PySerial to communicate with the Newport Power Meter 2935T-C via a serial connection:

#!/usr/bin/env python

########## Newport Power Meter 2935T-C #############
# Manual: <>
#  Settings (p.72 of the manual): 
#  Baud rate: 38400...

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Control the 6 channel Pfeiffer MaxiGauge TPG 256A pressure gauge controller via Python

update in 2014: The script from this blog post evolved into its own Python software repository on Github: pklaus/MaxiGauge. Please use that for the latest code and functionality.

original post:

I wrote a Python module for this pressure gauge controller. The module can be found on Using the module...

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Tektronix TDS3054B 500 MHz 4 Channel Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope - with Python

One problem that I found out when trying to set the Tektronix TDS3054B up for network access is certainly a firmware bug: You can set the network adapter to get an IP address via DHCP or set it manually (the bug occurs on both). Let's say you choose to set the...

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DAQScope PCI-5102

This is a 20 MS/s digital oscilloscope in the form of a PCI extension card. It is quite old.


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Newport Motion Controller MM4006

The Newport MM4006 Motion Controller can control automated stages and stepper motors in general. It has a RS232 and a GPIB interface.

Remote Commands

Cf. chapter 3 of the manual.

Here are the most important remote commands:

  • MO to switch the motor control of the MM4006 on
  • XXPAYY absolute movement of motor xx to position...

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Hamamatsu ORCA-Flash2.8 camera C11440-10C – Scientific CMOS Camera

Hardware Properties

Imaging details:

Image sensor Wavelength sensitivity Intensity of signal Frame rate at full resolution Exposure time Spatial resolution (pixel size)
type 2.8 megapixel scientific CMOS Visible Low light 45 frames per second 20 microseconds to 10 seconds 3.63 microns

More Technical Details:

Property C11440-10C
Imaging device CMOS image sensor FL-280
Wavelength (min.) 300 nm
Wavelength (max.) 1000 nm
QE (max.) 67%
Active pixels 1920(H) x 1440(V)
Pixel size 3.63(H) x 3.63(V)µm
Active sensor...

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LabJack on Mac OS X

LabJack sells some nice ADC/DAC, digital I/O devices with quite good Linux / Mac OS X support. The cheapest products from LabJack are the U3 devices in the versions U3-LV (low voltage) and U3-HV (high voltage).

Exodriver - Native libusb low level driver

Python Module

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Quantum Composers 9514+ Digital Delay Pulse Generator

RS232 Pinout

9-pin D-type connector with the following pinout as viewed from the back of the unit (see p. 38 / 34 of the manual):

Pin Function
1 No Connection
2 Tx - Transmit (to computer)
3 Rx - Receive (from computer)
4 DTR...

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Newport Power Meter 2935T-C via libusb on Linux

This power meter from Newport has a serial RS232 and a USB connection. This page tries to find out how it's possible to talk to the device via USB. For RS232 connection, look at the blog post Newport Power Meter 2935T-C – Serial Connection via Python.

USB Connection Info

Output of...

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