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Using the Huawei E352s-5 UMTS USB Modem Stick with Ubuntu and OpenWrt

The Huawei E352s-5 is being marketed as web'n'walk Stick Fusion III by German Telekom. This blog post describes how to use it on Linux systems with the distributions Ubuntu and OpenWrt.

The Features First

  • Supported Modem Standards: HSPA+, HSUPA, HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE, GPRS
  • Highest speeds with HSPA+: up to 21 MBit/s download and...

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Samsung Galaxy S plus GT-i9001


The specifications can be found here.


The battery that comes with the i9001 is the EB575152LU. It is stronger than the EB575152VU that came with the i9000 (you can use these too):

Type Energy
EB575152LU 1650mAh
EB575152VU 1500mAh

Installed Firmware ROM

When you enter *#1234# in the phone mode, it reveals information about the phone and...

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Samsung Galaxy S i9000

*#1234# reveals the installed version: PDA: I9000ZSJF7, PHONE: I9000ZSJF7, CSC: I9000ZSJF7

Firmware Upgrade

resources as of 11/2011:


German (links on

resources as of 01/2011:

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Series60 Remote

__update:__ now there is a .deb package! go to downloads and get the .deb

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i series60-remote*deb

original post:
found here

sudo aptitude install python python-obexftp python-matplotlib python-bluez python-qt4 python-qt4-sql sqlite3 libqt4-sql-sqlite
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf series60-remote-0.3.90.tar.gz
cd series60-remote-0.3.90/

You can test the installation before you install it:


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