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Generating Sound with Python

With Python Standard Library Methods

from struct import pack
from math import sin, pi
import wave
import random


wv ='test_mono.wav', <span...

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digiKam is a great software to manage your digital photographs. I like it especially because it does not depend that much on a database / proprietary ways to store information about the photos as it saves most information directly to the files.

sudo aptitude install digikam digikam-doc

To install...

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installation of povray itself:

sudo aptitude install povray povray-includes povray-examples povray-doc

as well as the graphical modeler:

sudo aptitude install kpovmodeler


A file created by POV-Ray:

General command line to render a scene (still has to be adopted for the file in question):


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Apply a Lowpass Filter to an mp3 Audio File

A lowpass filter can be applied using the command line tool sox. It tool can be installed like this on Ubuntu:

sudo aptitude install pacpl sox

Convert the audiofile to wave first (using Perl Audio Converter as sox has no mp3 support compiled in on Ubuntu systems):

pacpl --to...

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Create an Image of a Copy Protected Audio CD Using readom

use the option -clone!

readom dev=/dev/sr0 -clone f=audio-loops.iso

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Get sound working again after Suspending on a HP nx8220 notebook

sudo alsa force-reload

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Composing Music


sudo apt-get install noteedit


commercial Windows software


FL Studio

good supplement: halion player with complete halion 3 sound database


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Hauppauge Nova-T USB2 DVB-T Stick – again

may need libxine1-ffmpeg and/or libavcodec-unstripped-52 to work:

sudo aptitude install libxine1-ffmpeg libavcodec-unstripped-52

Also check out my older blog post on the Nova-T USB2.


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Install Google Earth - using the Medibuntu Repositories

The Medibuntu repository offers you a coolection of software that is not free and can therefore not be shipped with the standard distribution of Ubuntu linux. This example shows you how you can use Medibuntu to install google earth.

Add Medibuntu to your repositories (this is just one line!):


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Convert ape audio files to mp3 on the terminal

Requirements: Having the executables mac, lame and id3v2 installed.
I haven't done it myself yet, but this seems to be a nice and quick way to do a conversion and set the ID3 tags in the newly created MP3:

echo "Artist name?"
a= <span...

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Get VolUp/VolDown keys on Cherry G85 keyboard to work

To get my cherry G85 to work properly including the additional audio keys I have to do the following:

To change the channels which your MM keys control, go to your main Gnome menu and find: Applications → System Tools → Configuration Editor (gconf-editor)

  • Set the value of /desktop/gnome/sound/default_mixer_device to alsamixer:hw:0
  • Edit /desktop/gnome/sound/default_mixer_tracks and...

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Resetup Skype

As I thought there were general problems I reinstalled skype from medibuntu repo:

sudo dpkg -r skype
sudo -i
echo "deb jaunty free non-free"  >> /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get update
apt-get install medibuntu-keyring
apt-get update
apt-get install skype

effectively just the settings were wrong: and set Skype OptionsSound Devices to:

  • SoundIn: QuickCam (plughw)
  • SoundOut: pulse
  • Ringing: pulse

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Hauppauge Nova-T USB2 DVB-T Stick

First we want to find out something about the hardware.
Using dmesg we find:

dib0700: loaded with support for 8 different device-types
dvb-usb: found a 'Hauppauge Nova-T Stick' in <span...

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Rhythmbox Plugins and Tools

Rhythmbox DLNA/UPnP sharing and Control plugin

to get this plugin to work I had to do:

sudo apt-get install python-coherence

Rhythmbox XSLT - convert Rhythmbox xml library file to xhtml


  • Perl
  • XML::LibXSLT Perl module

install like this:

sudo aptitude install libxml-libxslt-perl
cd ~/Downloads
tar -xf rbxml2html-0.03.tar.gz

usage: the pearl...

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Rip a DVD

get lib CSS to work properly (encryption of encoded DVDs) → install "Restricted Extras"

rip VOB files and VIDEO_TS folder and make ISO image

install vobcopy and mkisofs:

sudo apt-get install vobcopy mkisofs

rip using vobcopy and create iso using mkisofs:

cd Desktop
vobcopy -v -m...

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Playing HD movies: mplayer

jutter free playback wanted as well as the capability to load subtitles and additional sound tracks (languages)

some fragments:

mplayer movie.avi -audiofile italian.ac3 -audio-demuxer 20 -rawaudio format=0x2000

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