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New Focus Picomotor Ethernet Controller 8752 – TCP/IP Control

We use the modules 8752 and 8753.

List of commands

Common Commands

Syntax Command Manual Page
AIN <device> <channel> Read/Display Analog Input 61
DEF Load Default Parameters 62
DIAG <driver> Display Diagnostics Byte from Device 62
IN <device> <channel> Query State of Digital Inputs 89
LOCK Lock Out Other Input Devices 63
MAP <joystick-device>=<driver> Set/Display Device-to-Joystick Mappings 64
OUT <device> <channel>=<value> Set Digital Output 65
SAV Save Parameters 65
UNLOCK Unlock Other Input Devices 66
VER Query Firmware Version 66

Picomotor Control Commands

<table class="table...

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StellarNet EPP2000 Spectrometer

The Windows Software for the spectrometer is called "SpectraWiz".

I'm reluctant to continue working on any Python code as this spectrometer is discontinued.



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Newport Power Meter 2935T-C - Serial Connection via Python

First start of a Python module that makes use of PySerial to communicate with the Newport Power Meter 2935T-C via a serial connection:

#!/usr/bin/env python

########## Newport Power Meter 2935T-C #############
# Manual: <>
#  Settings (p.72 of the manual): 
#  Baud rate: 38400...

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Newport Motion Controller MM4006

The Newport MM4006 Motion Controller can control automated stages and stepper motors in general. It has a RS232 and a GPIB interface.

Remote Commands

Cf. chapter 3 of the manual.

Here are the most important remote commands:

  • MO to switch the motor control of the MM4006 on
  • XXPAYY absolute movement of motor xx to position...

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Shimadzu 30-002 - Laminar-type Replica Diffraction Grating for the Soft X-ray Region

This is a fancy flat-field focusing, holographic grating as opposed to the previously used Rowland gratings.

Product Description

  • Aberration-corrected Laminar-type Replica Diffraction Gratings for flat-field Polychromators in the range of Extreme Ultra-Violet Light(EUV:13nm). Suitable for the next generation of semiconductor lithography.
  • Less high order light due to laminar type grooves configuration, Low...

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Quantum Composers 9514+ Digital Delay Pulse Generator

RS232 Pinout

9-pin D-type connector with the following pinout as viewed from the back of the unit (see p. 38 / 34 of the manual):

Pin Function
1 No Connection
2 Tx - Transmit (to computer)
3 Rx - Receive (from computer)
4 DTR...

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Newport Power Meter 2935T-C via libusb on Linux

This power meter from Newport has a serial RS232 and a USB connection. This page tries to find out how it's possible to talk to the device via USB. For RS232 connection, look at the blog post Newport Power Meter 2935T-C – Serial Connection via Python.

USB Connection Info

Output of...

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