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Using HP PSC 2210 with Ubuntu Linux

FAX functionality using HylaFax

sudo aptitude install hylafax-client

This installes the following binaries: textfmt, faxalter, faxcover, faxmail, faxrm, faxstat, sendfax, sendpage, edit-faxcover

To send a fax from your terminal, run (-n : no coverpage, -d : destination):

sendfax -n -d0711123456


Switch the device off and on again in the case...

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HP PSC 2210 scanning

This post has been replaced by → Using HP PSC 2210 with Ubuntu Linux


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HowTo Debug sane

set the variable SANE_DEBUG_DLL:

export SANE_DEBUG_DLL=255

then run sane (xsane, scanimage) and look at debug output.


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