Feb 092010

To dump / backup your IMAP Mail Folder to a local directory, there are some projects in the Ubuntu repositories:

looked for last changes on 2010-01-10

not yet in the repositories

more found on http://www.linux-france.org/prj/imapsync/README → SIMILAR SOFTWARES :

Feb 082010

Unison is a great tool to keep directories and files synchronized. It is extremely simple to use once you figure out how to do the setup and it can be done automatically (via a cronjob).

I show you here how to do it:

If you are not sure if used Unison before, make a backup of the default configuration file:

mv ~/.unison/default.prf ~/.unison/default.old.prf

Then start your first synchronization run manually:

unison ~/university/ ssh://philipp@lion//home/philipp/university

Where lion may be a hostname or IP in your local network or a domain name or IP on the Internet (your server or your dyndns host at home).
After the synchronization finished, you have a new file ~/.unison/default.prf containing the settings of the last run: