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Keeping SSH Tunnels Open Reliably

A (reverse) SSH tunnel can help you being reachable from outside a NATed network or behind a firewall. Keeping the tunnel open when your IP address changes or Internet connection is shaky can be taken care of by autossh. See below for the instructions.


On Ubuntu / Debian:

sudo apt-get update...

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monit - A Tool To Monitor Processes Running on your Linux Machine

Setting it up (German)

sudo aptitude install monit

Enable it by setting startup=1 in the config file /etc/default/monit.


You have to edit the file /etc/monit/monitrc.

Here's a small example:

## Monit settings
set daemon 120
set logfile syslog facility log_daemon            ...

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Conky – Set Up System Monitoring for your Linux Desktop

Conky is a graphical tool that allows you to monitor your system resources on a Linux desktop computer. See the screenshots to get an idea how it looks like.

The latest Conky version can be found in a Git repo:

git clone git://


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