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A USBTMC ⟷ Ethernet Gatway on the RPi

Inspired by a couple of blog posts (see resources section) I put together my own collection of software to operate a USBTMC to Ethernet Gateway on a Raspberry Pi (1 or 2):


I use Arch Linux ARM and the shell scripts are made for Arch. It shouldn't be too hard to...

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Rigol DS1052E – An Inexpensive DSO

The Rigol DS1052E is a nice digital oscilloscope for little money. It has a USB and RS232 interface over which you can interact with it on your computer. I put the detailed specifications of the device in a Github Gist.


lsusb reveals

Bus 006 Device 006:...

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Rigol DG1022 Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator

The DG1022 is a function generator that I was able to test recently. It is quite cheap (390 USD in the USA), has two outputs for standard wave forms (sine, square, ramp, pulse and noise) and also supports...

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