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Automatic Line Breaks With vim

First set the textwidth:

:set textwidth=76


If you want to reformat a block of text, format it and press gq. For example to format the following 4 lines from the current cursor position, press v4jgq (v4j to enter markup mode and mark the following 4 lines).



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Install a Git Plugin for VIM: git-vim

To install git-vim run:

cd ~/Downloads
git clone
cd git-vim
# by default, the Makefile is set up for Mac OS. If you use a different OS change it using:
cat Makefile | sed "s|#INSTALL=install|INSTALL=install|g" | grep -v ginstall > Makefile
# then install the plugin:
make install

This will copy the following files to...

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Enable Syntax Highlighting etc. with the shipped version of vi (vim)

How to make vim more comfortable (the version shipped with Mac OS X 10.6):

cd /usr/share/vim
sudo vim vimrc

add set:

set ai                  " auto indenting
set history=100     ...

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