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cherokee – A Very Fast and Small Webserver Software


Debian/Ubuntu offers Cherokee packages but they are quite outdated for the stable branch. So you may want to prefer the manual installation from source.

Manual Installation From Source

The easy way of installation:

wget && python install

or get the source and compile it yourself:


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Web Interfaces for the Bind DNS Server

API solutions:

Not a...

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Install the PECL Upload Progress Library for Drupal 7 on Debian squeeze

If you take a look at the status report page of a Drupal 7 installation on Debian squeeze you might notice that the PECL Upload Progress Library is reported to be missing. Here is how to get it installed:

# pecl is contained in the package php-pear and needs...

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(Automated) Manual Backup of a WordPress Blog (Including the Database)

I wrote my own shell script to create a backup of this WordPress blog as I was not happy with the ready to use backup plugins for WordPress such as wp Time Machine.

The script creates two files during the backup process. One that contains all the files in...

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Good Drupal 7 Modules

These Modules are promising (but not all very stable yet):

  • User Restrictions. Watch this module, it might be the one of choice in a few weeks for user restrictions. Alternatively ACL with Flexi Access. Per node permissions can be set. Drawback (of either ACL or Flexi...

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Change the date of WordPress posts in an SQL Mass Update

When I programatically added most of the blog posts in this blog, I forgot to adjust the date and time of each post to its actual age. So I decided to set it via SQL directly in the database.

First I worked out a SELECT query to filter all the entries...

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Install your own Wikidot Wiki


  • PostgreSQL 8.3
  • PHP 5.2+
  • Lighttpd 1.4 or 1.5
  • ImageMagick
  • LaTeX
  • PHP gd extension
  • PHP tidy extension
  • PEAR
  • file
  • git

To install all these:

sudo aptitude install postgresql-8.3 php5-cgi php5-cli php5-pgsql lighttpd imagemagick tetex-bin tetex-extra gs-gpl  php5-gd php5-tidy php-pear file git-core

Installation of Wikidot

cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i wikidot_0.90_all.deb

if it complains about missing packages...

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gedit Markdown plugin

For an up-to-date version of the information about the gedit Markdown plugin go to the new blog post Markdown for the Gedit Text Editor on Ubuntu 11.04.

If you frequently have to create Markdown documents, you might want your text editor of choice to support you. M Fleury developed...

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Save Websites to Mirror a Browsable Version Using wget or webhttrack

using wget

wget -m -k -K -E

If this command seems to run forever, there may be parts of the site that generate an infinite series of different URLs. You can combat this in many ways, the simplest being to use the -l option to specify...

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lighttpd webserver


sudo apt-get install lighttpd

The webdocuments root folder is /var/www. Refer to the site for more features (php etc) .

change ownership of /var/www in order to be able to put files there as normal user

sudo chown philipp /var/www
sudo chgrp philipp...

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